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Tiger Woods Book: How I Play Golf -Canada (buy it from Canada here - U.S. residents click on the links at the bottom of this page to get your copy in the U.S.):

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Springtime is a great time to get into better shape on the golf course and as they say in Scotland, let's play the "links"!

Traditionally a "links" course is actually built along the seaside where the soil is sandy and drains easily. The layout is more natural with imperfections; bumps and slopes remaining in original shape rather than being smoothed over.

Tiger Woods Book: How I Play Golf - U.S. (buy it from U.S. here - Canadian residents click on the link above):

Mike Weir's Book: U.S.
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Links courses have few if any trees with the Number 1 hole beginning at the clubhouse and the front nine plays straight out so that hole 9 is the furthest and hole 18 is back at the clubhouse.

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