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From a planned network of walking trails and an abundance of green space to high quality schools and a solid infrastructure, life in Glen Abbey has much to offer.









Selected Golf Videos

Tiger Woods Hits it Over the Pacific Ocean -Focus

This is the time of year when the clubs get dusted off and we get back into action.

Focus is vital to playing your best game.

Taking time on the driving range to warm up for the season is also a great way to get back into golf. Stop slicing the ball by working on drills and feel ready to play.

There are many factors that will help improve your game including general fitness, mastering your grip and drilling for centered contact.



How Tiger nourished his "Mental Toughness" starting at a young age. His father was instrumental in introducing him to the game of golf as a youngster and also helping him become mentally tough.

It all starts with a proper grip. The way you hold your club will determine how straight and consistent your long shots will be.

Correct posture is also very important so that you have more control and can strike the ball with power.

Correcting a hook or a slice is a matter of learning and applying the best setup you can and then mastering it.

Check out the David Leadbetter DVD course.




Tim Conway provides an amusing look at the game of golf as Dorf on Golf


In the year 2012, the Canadian Open 2012 was held in Hamilton, Ontario.
It's coming back to Glen Abbey!