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Basic Golf Rules golf club swing

In a nutshell, here are general rules for the game of golf.

The Game of Golf consists of playing a golf ball with a golf club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or strokes in accordance with golf rules. You or other players, caddie or anyone else may not influence the position of the ball, except as allowed by the golf rules. There are penalties whenever rules are not adhered to which can take various forms including loss of hole or disqualification.

In Match Play, the game is played by holes and is made up of one side playing against the other side by playing the holes in the correct sequence. A hole is won by the side that "holes" its ball in the fewest strokes. A match is won when one side leads by a number of holes greater than those remaining to be played. Usually the penalty for breaking a rule is loss of the hole in Match Play.

In a Stroke Play competition, each competitor plays for their own scorecard against all other players. Whoever has the fewest strokes in the round wins. Where a handicap is involved, the player with the lowest net score when the handicap is factored in, wins. Consequences of a breach of the rules in stroke play usually results in a two stroke penalty.

golf greenThere are detailed rules that must be adhered to such as always "holing out" or completing the hole which if not followed leads to penaties so for a full understanding of golf, all of the rules must be reviewed and understood.


One great tip is to get out and play more often. Golf is a sport that is mastered by doing rather than watching.

The game of golf requires certain etiquette because there is usually not the constant supervision of an umpire or referee. Integrity and honesty lay an essential framework for the game of golf no matter how competitive individuals may be.

Scores should be verified and scored while players are making their way to the next tee.

Golf beginners should make a little effort to learn good habits from the beginning. How to play Golf? Simply follow this 272 Page Golfing Guide for Beginner Golfers and get started with Golf the right way. Click Here for more!

Players should always assure the intended path of the ball is clear and that players in front or greenskeepers are out of range. If the ball veers off course and endangers anyone, the traditional heads up is called out "Fore!".

golf ball on teeOther players usually position themselves far enough away from player that is about to strike the ball as to be out of view and making as little noise as possible. Electronic devices also cross the line of distracting players. The penalty of disqualification can actually be received for this violation.

Players should play at a good pace. Slower groups can invite faster groups from behind to play through. A ball is considered lost if it takes more than 5 minutes to find. A provisional ball can be played whenever locating the original ball becomes doubtful.

When using a golf cart, avoid rapid starts and stops, wet areas or sharp turns that can damage the turf. Golf carts or pull carts should never be operated on aprons or green banks immediately adjacent to the greens.

What about those divots? If there is soil attached, it can be replaced grass side up and stepped on to make contact with the soil. If it cannot be replaced, some soil such as a prepared mix or sand mixture can be used to fill the hole. Check with pro shop for individual course guidelines.

During impact the clubhead exerts more than 2,000 pounds of pressure on the golf ball, compressing it about one-fourth of its at-rest diameter. All properly hit golf shots are done so with backspin which makes the golf ball fly and stay in the air longer.