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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2014-15 #14

This is the latest Tiger Woods PS3 Game. Have a PS3, then golf even when the weather is not that good - and pickup some great tips from this well developed game.

Tiger Woods Pga Tour 14: The Masters Historic Edition - PlayStation 3 (Canada) - more about the game here

The game is also available on Wii, Xbox and PC or Mac.

In previous games:


The original Tiger Woods PGA Tour game that was released in 2010 is also still a fun game!

Released summer 2010

Experience the excitement of golfing with Tiger Woods. For the price of a few packs of balls, you can golf anytime and anywhere. With the new Wii Motion Plus Control, you can actually control minute details of the swing and relive key historical golf moments as well as learning from the pros with insights provided by Tiger Woods himself. From Turnberry golf course's sweeping views to the gentle green slopes and cool breezy winds of Beth Page Black, this game is sure to please golf enthusiasts (with a wii).

Check out the above video on the new Motion Plus Control. There are even real spectators in this year's game and you can also play your rounds in real weather conditions.

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Original Copy
Tiger Woods was on the road promoting the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game. Then it was back home to his eight-bedroom, nine-bathroom Orlando, Florida home where Tiger Woods age 33, spends his downtime with his wife Elin (29), and his two children, Sam Alexis (2), and Charlie Axel, (4 months old). "Being a father is the most significant thing I've ever done," confides Woods, who tries to keep his family out of the limelight. "People say I was born to play golf, but I think I was born to be a dad."

His father Earl Woods died of prostate cancer in 2006 "My dad passed away before Sam was born, so I didn't have a chance to talk to him about parenting..." he said. "A lot of things he taught me about being a father is just through example. How important it is to be there for the child, no matter what. To love them unconditionally. To earn their respect, earn their trust. All those things he did for me. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that with my kids."

Now back on the daily grind of the tour, Tiger Woods makes it a point to find quality family time. "Tiger is a balanced workaholic" says a family friend. "If anyone can balance the demands of training, competing and raising a family, he can." Says Tiger: "My life is great," he answers with a sly smile. "I'm just enjoying the moment."

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