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Oakville Trails - Hike, Walk, Run

There are many beautiful trails in and around Glen Abbey for walking, hiking, jogging and even snowshoeing in the winter. (except this winter was particularly mild with not much snow on the ground in the GTA)

Here are some of the popular walking and hiking trails in Oakville:

Birch Tree Trail
Bray’s Trail
Bronte Waterfront Trail
Bronte Creek Provincial Park
Bronte Waterfront Trail
Bronte Creek Trillium Trail
Crosstown Trail
Dorval Trail
Fourteen Mile Creek Trail
George’s Square Tree Walk
Glen Abbey Trail
Glen Oak Creek Trail
Half Moon Valley
Hopedale Waterfront Trail
walking through the forestIndian Ridge Trail
Iroquois Shoreline Woods
Joshua’s Creek Trail
Larry Cain Trail
Leash Free Path
Logging Trail
McCraney Creek Trail
Morrison Creek Trail
Old Abbey Trail
Taplow Creek Trail
Upper Middle Road Trail

Some tips when hiking with kids.

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More detailed information on these Glen Abbey trails is being accumulated and will be posted soon. Please check back.

The Waterfront Trail stretches across Lake Ontario and the Ontario shores of the St. Lawrence River. In the guidebook there are over 84 maps showing the Trail's route, road sections, parking locations, washrooms, landmarks, trail connections, waterfront parks, wetlands, beaches, marsh and forests, vineyards, farmland, museums and shops. There are also several itineraries to get you started on your exploration of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River waterfront. Waterfront Trail information and Guide Book for planning your own exploration of this amazing natural resource is available here:

Waterfront Trail & Greenway Mapbook for Canadians

Waterfront Trail and Greenway Mapbook for Visitors

If you are on a bike, please yield to pedestrians on the trails. In 2012, a senior woman was sent to the hospital with multiple broken ribs and a broken collar bone as she was struck from behind by a boy on a bicycle who was riding without a helmet and travelling too fast. Thanks for enjoying our trails safely!