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Oakville Cycling and Biking Trails

Cycling is similar to hiking as you immerse yourself in the outdoor experience only at a faster pace. Cycling in Oakville can be done either on-road or off-road. Many trails around the Glen Abbey area are optimal for off-road biking.

Cycling Trails, Off-Road forest trail

Birch Tree Trail
Bray’s Trail
Bronte Creek Provincial Park
Crosstown Trail
Dorval Trail
Fourteen Mile Creek Trail
Glen Abbey Trail
Glen Oak Creek Trail
Joshua’s Creek Trail
Logging Trail
McCraney Creek Trail
Old Abbey Trail
Taplow Creek Trail
Upper Middle Trail

More detailed information on these biking trails is being accumulated and will be posted soon. Always wear a helmet and observe reasonable safety precautions when off-road biking. Please check back.


dad gets daughter ready for biking


Ontario Bike Laws:

Bikes must have a warning device like a bell or horn. When biking close to sunrise or sunset or in the dark, bikes must be outfitted with both headlight and red tail light and have reflectors. Helmets are mandatory for everyone under 18. Keep to the right on paths or trails.

What kind of bikes are there? Hybrid bikes make an all-purpose adventure bike being a cross between an road-bike and a mountain bike. They have larger wheels and narrower tires than mountain bikes. Touring bikes are a more robust type of bike than standard road bikes and can be used on bike trails as well.

To go biking on trails you should at least have a water bottle to stay hydrated.