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Glen Abbey encourages fitness! Simply go for a walk or biking on one of the many trails, or take part in the various fitness programs available throughout the community.

Summertime is a great time for swimming in one of the many outdoor or indoor pools.




Bronte Creek Campground

bronte creek provincial park campground

A few minutes north of the QEW highway and Bronte Road lies the entrance to the Brone Creek Campground.

Although a recent development of new homes can be seen in the distance, this very large provincial park is home to many animals including white-tailed deer, red fox, coyote and raccoons. Birds in the Bronte Creek Provincial Park include the blue jay, red-tailed hawk, blackbird and different types of sparrows and even the red-headed woodpecker, turkey vulture and both snowy and short-eared owls.

The wide Bronte Creek stream flows through the pastureland of Southern Ontario and divides the campground region to the North-East from the Day-Use area to the South-West.

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Several species of amphibians and reptiles also make their home around Bronte Creek including an interesting type of water snake seen near the Creek by Dundas. Over 70 species of butterflies and moths have been identified in the park and of course your fully stocked insect group which sometimes annoys campers but also provides a food source for the birds and are otherwise important to the local ecosystem.

Over in the Day Use Area of the Bronte Creek Provincial Park (a 6 km car ride from the campground), there is a very large swimming pool staffed with lifeguards available for an additional fee.

The Campground also has a playground with swings, slides and even this tire swing.tire swing

Biking opportunities are plenty along the 13 km of roads and trails.

From the end of June to the end of August, a summertime program of guided hikes, children's programs as well as campfires and evening walks can be arranged. Further information at

To reserve and occupy a campsite you must be at least 16 years old. Checkin and Checkout times are at 2 pm. Directions

Camping dates range from the beginning of April to the end of October. Last year a few stallwart campers decked out their campers and tents with orange lights on Halloween to mark the end of the season.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park
1219 Burloak Drive
Oakville, Ontario
L6M 4J7

ps. In April, 2009 a careless camper actually caused a fire in the campground which was quickly extinguished by the Oakville Fire Department. Please use caution when working with open flames especially if it is windy.

walking on trail The vast network of walking and hiking trails around the Glen Abbey, Oakville area encourages outdoor activities for all ages.

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The Bronte Creek Provincial Park off of the QEW and Burloak has following schedule:

Playbarn open daily 9am - 4pm
Nature Centre - Closed for the season
Spruce Lane Farmhouse: Closed until Maple (march)

Outdoor Skating Rink:OPEN (weather permitting) 9:30-9:30 call ext 417 for a recorded message.

Campground (off Bronte Road): Closed for the season.(open April - October) 905-827-3228

 March is Maple Syrup Month and December is Homestead Christmas.