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Hiking With Kids

hiking with kids

So a nice family outing in the great outdoors is called for. A few preparations beforehand can help avoid problems while hiking on the trails with the kids.

Depending on how long the walk or hike is, there are several items that may come in handy that should be brought along.

Some recommended items to bring along on the hike for kids includes:

if going further or for a longer period of time, let your child carry their own backpack to engage them in the outing. Keep it small and light for them and also because you may end up carrying it later on.
first aid kit including bandages, tweezers, after bite, thermometer

Kids should wear sturdy shoes or even running shoes, but not open-toe shoes
Have them bring along a whistle so child or children can alert you to any trouble. Small kids should always remain in site and bigger kids within earshot. They should know beforehand that if anyone gets lost, they should just "hug a tree" and stay put until help arrives. That would be a good time to use their whistle!

Finally it is best to call it quits earlier while things are going relatively well and head off to a reward rather than push the hike and risk the kids getting over tired. The hike should be paced according to the youngest participant.