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Swine Flu and what you need to know:


Some Swine Flu Questions:

Is there a vaccine to prevent Swine Flu? A: No

Is it still safe to eat pork? A:Yes, influenza virus does not spread through food


Swine Flu Canada Updates

Seems the main Swine Flu panic has subsided for now (April 2010), will continue to monitor any new outbreaks.

November, 2009: Local government says there will be a temporary shortage of the H1N1 vaccine. Residents are blaming government for foot-dragging when it came to organizing the supply. Many are complaining of poor organization that is causing over 4 hour waits to get the vaccine, but those on the front lines administering the H1N1 flu shot are working efficiently to get throught the initial push to get vaccinated. In a short time, there should be plenty of vaccine and also shorter lines as more and more residents get their flu shot.

October, 2009 - local boy dies of the H1N1 virus after playing hockey the weekend before. It only took 2 days from initial symptoms until the debilitating weakness set in even though it seemed he was doing better for a brief period. Our condolences go out to the shocked family who remain in disbelief as their son was the picture of health not a few days before. This report prompted controlled panic among those that rushed right out to get their vaccine the moment it became available. Streets were clogged near clinics and the QEW highway offramps were closed at Bronte road due to congestion on Bronte with several OPP cars stationed there to keep traffic moving orderly.

June 11, 2009 - The World Health Organization declars a swine flu pandemic today. This is the first global flu epidemic in 41 years and infections in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America climb to about 30,000 cases so far.

June 5, 2009 - Halton Region now has 79 Swine Flu cases primarily among school age children in local schools. 61 of the current cases are students and there are 19 schools in Oakville that have at least 1 student with a case of the H1N1 virus. As of June 1 there have been 1,530 confirmed cases of the Swine Flu in Canada. Check out the current information book for more information on Swine Flu Swine Flu: What You Need to Know

May 27, 2009 - It seems the Swine Flu is closer to Glen Abbey than first appeared. Turns out Oakville is a hotbed for the H1N1 Swine Flu virus in Ontario with the most number of cases including 13 new cases for a total of 62 cases now just in Halton Region mainly among school age children.

May 18, 2009 - Ontario total cases climbs to 187. Alberta woman dies of causes related to H1N1 flu virus. Of the 20 recent cases in the GTA, 6 were from Halton region. This to be contrasted with 9000 cases of seasonal flu every year for Ontario resulting in 500 deaths per year.

May 14, 2009 - 389 confirmed cases in Canada, 6,497 cases of H1N1 flu worldwide including 65 deaths worldwide as of today.

May 11, 2009 - 331 cases of swine flu reported across Canada. with 34 new cases appeared in Ontario. So far there are 110 swine flu cases in Ontario and 80 swine flu cases in British Columbia, 57 in Nova Scotia, 52 in Alberta and 17 in Saskatchewan as well as a few more in the other provinces.

-May 6, 2009 - Cinco De Mayo celebrations in Mexico muted as bans of congregating and closed bars dampen the otherwise celebratory event. 642 Swine Flu cases in the states now and the first case has surfaced in Halton Region of the GTA in Ontario.

-May 4, 2009 total cases in Ontario currently at 31 including new cases outside the Toronto area in Windsor-Essex in the southwest and Sudbury in the north.

-May 3, 2009 over 80 cases in Canada now as the situation continues to be monitored.

-April 28, 2009 5 confirmed mile cases of Swine Flu arrive in Ontario. Enhanced screening at the airport on all incoming flights from Mexico. Total swine flu cases in Canada now 13.

-April 28, 2009

Canada joins the list of countries now advising against travel to Mexico because of the swine flu pandemic.

-April 26, 2009

Oakville Residents concerned about Swine Flu Epidemic


N95 Mask - Help prevent Swine Flu?

Unfortunately strains of Flu such as the Swine Flu can be easily transmitted through droplets in coughs and sneezes and even wearing certain masks cannot protect us from the tiny particles. There has recently been a run on so called N95 particulate masks. These may be a good idea to have around during calm times to avoid not getting them if panic ever breaks out.

Normally N95 Masks are routinely recommended for use in hospitals and for health aid workers that come into contact with possibly infected individuals to try to avoid getting an infection themselves. These N95 masks are also available to the general public.

Q: In Mexico, officials are already handing out face masks. Do I need one?

A: It's safer to avoid close contact with someone who's sick and avoid crowds where swine flu is known to be spreading in the first place. But if you can't do that, CDC guidelines say it's OK to get a mask as additional protection— just don't let it substitute for the other good precautions.

More developments late Monday April 20, 2009 in the swine flu pandemic — so far 149 deaths and more signs that the virus can jump repeatedly from human to human are prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise its pandemic alert level.

The virus has already spread to several countries including the U.S., Canada and some countries in Europe as well as half of Mexico. The Mexican government took steps to reduce crowds of people including the cancelling of school nationwide on Monday. A critical juncture is being reached where it will soon be apparent how bad the crisis can become.


Does washing hands frequently help? A:Yes
Flu viruses can live on surfaces for many hours, like a doorknob just touched by someone who sneezed into their hand.

Q: Is swine flu treatable?

A: Yes, with the flu drugs Tamiflu or Relenza, but not with two older flu medications.

If you are ill with influenza, protect others in your home during the critcal period of 1 day before the onset of symptoms to 7 days after where you may be able to infect others. If possible, wear a surgical mask preferably a mask of the type N95 Maskduring this period if you must be closer than 6 feet near other family members as per instructions on the website. See the full pdf here for further details:

How to Care for Influenza in the Home