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From a planned network of walking trails and an abundance of green space to high quality schools and a solid infrastructure, life in the Glen Abbey Community has much to offer.



Glen Abbey News

For the latest updates in Glen Abbey and Oakville, check out the Oakville Blog.

-Summer 2015 - The last 2 winters were very long but now summer is here!

-Mar 2013- Snow just melting off now, groundhogs were wrong as winter lasted till Mar. 20, the actuall first day of spring.

-Mar 2012 - Record temperatures throughout Southern Ontario. Winter is over early this year!

-May 20,2011
Pesticide ban in Oakville means the dandilions are flourishing! Some Ontario residents are making the trek to the States in order to buy the banned pesticides in the name of greener lawns. Ontario has some of the strictest laws especially banning certain types of Chinese pesticides that have found their way into North American distribution channels.
Alternatively, one reader suggests a natural weed killing mix made up of 4 cups of vinegar,50 ml salt
2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap.

-Feb. 18, 2011: Oakville Public Library open and hosting Family Day events:
Oakville Public Library will be open for Family Day Monday Feb. 21, 2011 from 9:30 am to 5 pm. Join in for a day of Family Fun. There will be storytimes, Wii gaming and lots more. ...

-Feb 15, 2011: Premiere Dalton McGinty speaks at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

-Sept. 29, 2010: Oakville Future Shop break-in results in the theft of over 100 laptops Sunday night.

-Sept. 2010 New Palermo Public School opens doors in the Bronte Creek area

-August 15, 2010- Hot Tub Maintenance Tips from Canada's . Maintaining a hot tub in Oakville does not have to be hard work. Simply keeping an eye on sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) level, PH level and shocking the water weekly can go a long way to maintaining water quality.

If you use your hot tub outdoors in our Glen Abbey climate, the best time to change the water is in November or December to get you through the coldest parts of winter, because draining a spa in subzero weather is not fun (and leaving a spa drained, but not having the lines cleared out can result in freezing pipes in the spa and a hefty Spring repair bill).

-August 8, 2010 - Hogweed is the new buzzword
This tall plant with big leaves and a white umbrella has actually been around in Canadian back yards for decades, but the toxic sap that causes burns and even blindness in rare cases is being taken more seriously.

The official name for hogweed is Heracleum mantegazzianum. If you get it on the skin, burns and blotches on the skin show up within days of contact. Getting it in the eye can even cause blindness. If you come in contact with it, get out of the sun fast as UV activates the sap and wash thoroughly with soap and water.

-June, 2010 School's Out! Enjoy your summer vacation! Whether you are travelling, staying home or visiting the cottage, have a great summer 2010!

-April 22, 2010 Happy Earth Day!

-April 1, 2010 No April fools joke, we are having record warm weather with a humidex called for of 30C! Todays temps reached a comfortable 21C.


- March 30, 2010 The new sixteen mile creek sports complex with quad ice pads is scheduled to open in Oakville September 2010 as part of the massive North Park community development faciliities which will be constructed in phases.

-March 27, 2010 8:30 -9:30 p.m. Earth Hour
This global initiative by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) has caught on in three short years and now over half of Oakville is participating. Last year Halton Region residents achieved an 11 percent reduction in energy usage during that hour.

-March, 2010 - Spring is arriving, the snow is gone and home prices have recovered quite a bit in the face of low interest rates and a recovering economy.

-February 9, 2010 - Ford is facing a class action lawsuit as allegations say Ford went back on their agreement in 2008 to create assembler jobs at the Oakville plant.

-February, 2010 - The proposed power plant in Oakville is a major political issue.

-October 14, 2009 The Ontario Power Authority announced that TransCanada Corp. has been selected to design, build and operate the electricity generating station which is to supply the growing power needs of the GTA. This 900 megawatt (MW) electricity generating station will be built in Oakville and is located south of the Ford plant, off of Royal Windsor Drive west of Maple Grove Drive.
This power plant was approved Sept. 30, 2009.

-September 24, 2009 The Kids are back in School and the fall programs have begun. Get involved with your local community centre and find out all of the great after school and adult programs offered in our community.

-September 1, 2009 Summer is coming to an end. A reminder from Halton Region about the changes to the garbage collection: It has been moved to every other week instead of weekly, but the blue boxes and green carts are picked up weekly. For the main garbage collection, there is a maximum of six bags, each weighing a maximum of 50 pounds.

The annual spring pickup of bulk garbage also changed to eight times a year with three bulk items being picked up each time. More details on garbage pickup dates and info is available online at or by phone 905-825-6000.

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-August 13, 2009 Joan Brunet of Glen Abbey was peacefully gardening when she got a spider bite on her hand which in turn cause her to become partially paralyzed. Spider bites may not be as harmless as we think, so it pays to do gardening work with gloves on.

-July 27, 2009 Australian Nathan Green takes the Canadian Open 2009 after a playoff round with Goosen. The event was interrupted several times by rains and thundershowers and concluded on the Monday.

-July 8, 2009 Weather has been mild and many took the Canada Day weekend to head up to cottage country. U.S. celebrated 4th of July

-June 23, 2009 Summer is here and schools are out soon (some are out already). We wish everyone a great summer!

-June 05, 2009 There are now 79 H1N1-swine flu cases in Halton Region, the community is keeping a wary eye out on the spread of this virus as summer approaches. No cause for alarm but prudent to stay home if feeling any flu-like symptoms.

-May 15, 2009 Have a great Victoria Day weekend!

-April 26, 2009 The new North Park Arena located on the west side of Neyagawa Blvd. and north of Dundas that is currently under construction partially collapsed on Saturday. Construction halted pending investigation. No injuries were reported.
Upon completion this facility is to house 3 NHL-sized ice pads, four soccer fields,skateboard facility, splashpad and more.

-April 26, 2009

Swine Flu Canada - Human Swine Influenza reaches Canada

-April 27, 2009 at 8 p.m. None other than the Village People are gracing the stage on none other than Navy Street - Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts downtown Oakville. So if you hear YMCA, Macho Man or In the Navy as you are walking downtown, that is the reason.

-April 19, 2009

Bronte Creek Campground Fire