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Junior Golf Club Sets for Kids

Junior Golf Clubs for the next Pro are especially made for kids to learn to play golf at their pace and skill level without equipment holding back the budding star.


There is even a US Kids Golf Championship with some PGA caliber kid players. Check out this video of some really talented kid golfers. It is never too early to start, so kids that are interested in the sport of golf, get some decent clubs, instruction and encouragement, get out in the fresh air and go for it!

Your kid has reached the golfing age and is itching to take their first golf swing so you can either dust off that old bag of clubs or first take into consideration the following tips for establishing a proper swing at a young age.

See a full selection of Kids Golf Clubs here.

It is not by coincidence that there is a whole host of golf equipment on the market today that is especially tailored for kids. Some of the factors in manufacturing these special club sets are the actual physical size of the clubs, the club's flex, the grip type and actual weight of the clubs and set.

The ideal golf club length for kids can be a bit longer but not really over an inch or so or it will definitely alter their swing. The length of the golf shaft alone is a big reason to get proper junior clubs.

If the club is too heavy, they can actually get injured and will not be able to develop a proper swing possibly leading to early discouragement. When you go to buy your son or daughter their first set of clubs, chopping down adult size clubs will not work not only because of the flex which you will have gotten rid of so the club will be too stiff and hence there would be no lift of the golf ball, but the grip needs to be a junior grip or they will have no control.

Popular Junior Golf Club Sets include Nike Junior Golf Clubs, Left Handed Junior Golf Clubs for the lefty and even Tiger Wood Junior Golf Clubs made for kids 4 ft.3 inches and taller.

Girls Golf Clubs Canada

This popular girls golf club set looks great and is ideal for ages 8-12. Currently on Sale by clicking this graphic.

These clubs are the perfect weight and length for girls in this age group that want to learn golf.

Girls Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag for Kids Ages 3-6 Pink Color Right Handed Premium Professional Quality


A great junior golf club set for the budding junior star is this complete set of right handed clubs by PG Golf Equipment: Boys Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag for Kids Ages 8-12 Jr. Right Handed Premium Professional Quality Equipment

Finally if you as a parent need help with instructing your child on learning golf,

here is a helpful book: Teaching Kids Golf. Teach how to putt and chip, and how to hit the ball in a straight line. Then there is course etiquette to learn. Be a patient role model and your young golfer will gain the confidence to become a pro in no time. See more kids golf club sets and even toy sets for very young golfers.