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Glen Abbey encourages fitness! Simply go for a walk or biking on one of the many trails, or take part in the various fitness programs available throughout the community.

Summertime is a great time for swimming in one of the many outdoor or indoor pools.



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Glen Abby, Glen Abbey Oakville

The correct spelling is "Glen Abbey", but many visitors find our site using other
mis-typings or misspellings so we have created this page to make sure you find us.!

Whether you are searching for Glen Abby, Glen Abbey, Glenn Abby or even Glenn Abbey or simply "The Abbey", we hope you meant Glen Abbey Oakville Ontario and if so, welcome to our site.

Glen Abbey Oakville Ontario is a community located near Lake Ontario to the north of the QEW- Queen Elizabeth Way Highway. Following the QEW to the East brings you to the Gardiner Expressway of Toronto. "The Gardiner" connects downtown Toronto with the western suburbs.

July 2009 Glen Abbey was host to the 100th Canadian Open. The Canadian Open 2010 was hosted in Toronto. After a 2011 Vancouver Open, it is back in 2012 in Hamilton, Ontario.

The Gardiner Expressway, Toronto

An interesting note is that the Gardiner Expressway construction began in 1955 and it was planned right in the path of the then existing "Sunnyside Amusement Park" on the lakeshore. Subsequently as this amusement park was demolished, the carousel / merry-go-round was actually the one shipped to Disneyland!

CCTV cameras are located all along the Gardiner and QEW for traffic monitoring and also to locate any distressed vehicles for a rapid response.

Although this section of highway does get quite congested during rush hour traffic, constant planning creates upgrades to the road surface, increased lane capacity, introduction of "diamond lane" for multi-occupant vehicles and public transportation and other plans to widen or even move portions underground are being explored.

QEW highway lane widening

QEW lane widening between Bronte and Dorval Drive has been completed and congestion is being relieved through the "diamond lane" or HOV lanes requiring at least 2 people per vehicle.

Another way to get to downtown Toronto from the suburbs is by GO Train.