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There are also many more hotels available in neighboring Burlington, Ontario and of course in downtown Toronto.

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New Oakville Hospital

Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital is has opened in December, 2015 at its new location at Dundas Street and Third Line.

new Oakville hospitalConstruction of the new Oakville hospital began in 2011. The previous Oakville-Trafalgar hospital with no more room to grow or change and an infrastructure approached 60 years old is scheduled to close and those lands scheduled to be redeveloped.

The new Oakville hospital site used to be an undeveloped parcel on the north side of Dundas Road at Third Line. The new hospital will feature all of the modern infrastructure of an advanced medical facility.

An inpatient tower will allow for the efficient planning and operation of acute inpatient beds while longer stay inpatient accommodations will be accommodated in a separate wing or block at grade level where patients who are in the hospital for longer periods can have access to outdoor space and views into private courtyard areas. 

Bike paths, sidewalks and extensive landscaping near Dundas and Third Line will provide a distinct community identity. The site will be accessible by car, bus, bike and walking.

The hospital was built using new "green"standards to better protect occupant health, use energy, water and other resources more efficiently and reduce the overall impact on the environment.

In addition to the full medical range of services, a cancer clinic is planned that will provide assessment, teaching, counseling, chemotherapy administration, blood transfusions and procedures for oncology patients, but not radiation treatment as that is already being offered at a different location.

Some of the latest benefits of the new Oakville Hospital will include