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From a planned network of walking trails and an abundance of green space to high quality schools and a solid infrastructure, life in Glen Abbey has much to offer.

Glen Abbey History

Old Oakville Ontario historyLocated in beautiful Oakville, Ontario in Canada, Glen Abbey is a growing community with much to offer.

Glen Abbey is a newer planned community with many fine homes situated near bountiful walking and biking trails with a modern infrastructure and plenty of recreational opportunities. It all began over 150 years ago.

Oakville, Ontario celebrates over 150 years (it was designated a town in 1857). Back in the 1700s the Mississauga First Nation called Oakville their home. Dundas Street was actually built as a military access road by then Governor Simcoe to connect the great lakes and provide access. By 1820 the First Nation sold the remaining lands to the Crown piquing the interest of local businessman William Chisholm. He subsequently purchased and developed the harbour at the mouth of Sixteen Mile Creek.

The First Nation settlers of the 1700s were a subtribe of the Anishinaabe (those at the Great River-mouth) and are closely related to the Ojibwa. A census in 1748 renamed the people Tisagechroamis. After the American Revolution, the British Crown went on a land buying spree and purchased land from the Mississauga which is now modern day Southern Ontario. The area was developed as a farming community and towns started to spring up.

The town of Oakville today is a result of the 1962 amalgamation of the Oakville and Trafalgar Township including the villages of Bronte, Palermo and Sheridan.

The fur trade in Canada led to the exploration of the entire country and the creation of the largest Canadian company: The Hudson's Bay Company.

Since the European beaver population was dwindling in the 1600s because of over-hunting and the increased need of new fashion hats, coats and other uses for beaver felt, the trades people discovered the abundant resources in North America and pushed for expanded exploration.

Oakville and Glen Abbey then evolved from a First Nation villiage to the great home it is today.

Welcome to the Glen Abbey Community

Today, the Glen Abbey community is thriving as the Oakville population exceeds 170,000 residents. Some historic landmarks remain throughout the town to remind us of how the area was first settled.


glen abbey community green grass

April in Glen Abbey by the Glen Abbey Golf Course