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Glen Abbey encourages fitness for kids! Simply go for a walk or bike on one of the many trails, visit one of the many parks

girl enjoying park

or take part in the various team sports and fitness programs available throughout the community.

Summertime is a great time for swimming in one of the many outdoor or indoor pools and splashpads.




Kids Physical Activity

Halton parents are helping their kids get the message of how important daily exercise and good nutrition is to our well being and health.

Since research shows that physical activity can prevent chronic conditions such as Type II Diabetes, heart disease and obesity, it is an important priority to help keep the family active.

Q? Do kids get enough exercise at school so they do not need more exercise outside of school hours?
A. Not necessarily. Scheduled school fitness activities may only occur once or twice a week and not a more appropriate 60-90 minutes a day of recommended daily activity.

What are some things that kids can do?
Certainly Glen Abbey and Oakville have an abundance of after school fit activity choices from team sports, martial arts, fitness programs, swimming, skating, pools and splashpads, parks, walking and biking trails, soccer and other structured activities.

But even playing outdoors with other kids, walking and biking locally, playing games outdoors, frisbee, badminton, tag, hopscotch, "Simon Says", hide and seek or local park activities.

For more ideas on many outdoor games for kids to play, visit the brand new Oakville based kids website called "Fit For A Feast". The popular site for kids launched June 10, 2009 and is chalk full of ideas, games, activities for kids and tips for parents too. This great resource will get kids to be more active, healthy and spark some creative ideas of their own through a wide variety of family friendly videos, games, game instructions and ideas, pictures, jokes, cooking recipes to dance information and instruction.

Girls ages 4-18 love to take dance lessons. This is a great, regular fitness regime that is also lots of fun and can be done to individual tastes in music. Dancers can learn Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Tap, Acro and a whole lot more. Try online dance lessons at Hip Hop Crusher.

There is even a Child Fitness Tax Credit available to Canadians who get their kids into a qualifying fitness program; up to $500 just for helping kids get more fit.

kids playing in park


Stay fit this summer and enjoy all of the activities Oakville has to offer. Get outside and enjoy the sun.