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-April 19, 2009

Bronte Creek Campground Fire

Late this morning, an unobservant camper created a brush fire in the very dry topography of the campground endangering the campground playground, camping huts, campground building and nearby homes. Fortunately, the Oakville Fire Department rushed to the scene within minutes and extinguished the blaze which had already traversed one of the campground roads.

campground fire Bronte Creek 2009

Lively winds were also a factor in spreading the fire. Campers should always keep campfires under control and only use the designated firepits which have had surrounding brush cleared. The campground is a wonderful place to spend quality time outdoors and such an irresponsible act jeopardizes the enjoyment of future campers at this site.

campground bronte creek

The prevailing winds and the dry brush could have spread this fire quite quickly as it had already begun it's journey across the entire campground. Another alert camper and nearby homeowners are credited for the rapid alert to the fire department and far greater damage was averted due to their rapid response.