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Premiere Dalton McGuinty Speaks at Oakville Chamber Event

Oakville Chamber of Commerce hosts Ontario Premiere

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty spoke to a full house of over 450 people last Friday at a function held by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

Dalton McGuinty is Ontario’s 24th Premier. In the provincial election of 2003, he led the Liberal party to a majority government.

Premier McGuinty who is currently in his second term, had a positive outlook on the economy, jobs and growth for Ontario.

"Economic Recovery Plan Worked"

There have been improvements in the areas of education with investments in our colleges, universities, skills training and the introduction of full-day kindergarten. Wait times have already been reduced for surgical procedures and family doctors are becoming more available for Ontario’s families.

The Ontario government is also making improvements in infrastructure where there will be more reliance on future sources of power such as wind turbines and solar with the corresponding reduction and elimination of coal-fired power plants. Cleaner air is on the agenda along with the creation of 8,000 megawatts of new power generation, the upgrading of 5,000 km of transmission lines, the construction of 700 wind turbines and the initiation of thousands of solar projects

Premier McGuinty also addressed the HST and showed examples of how businesses actually save money as a result of its implementation. He says “The Tax Works” was a necessary reform, and that these tax reforms will create nearly 600,000 new jobs according to economists.

The Premier announced lofty educational goals including the necessity post-secondary graduates in Ontario from 63 percent of the population to 70 percent in order to remain competitive in a global business climate.

““We understand that growing our economy, sustaining and enhancing the quality of life that we enjoy here in Ontario absolutely demands we compete in and succeed in the global economy. That’s where the action is, that’s where the opportunity is and we eagerly embrace that opportunity.””

The province will continue to strive toward improving health care, education and infrastructure.

McGuinty said his planned improvements for healthcare include the building of 18 new hospitals including the new Oakville Hospital, the hiring of 10,000 more nurses and the hiring of 2,900 more doctors across the province.

During his speech, Premiere McGuinty took a moment to single out Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn and say what an honour it was to serve with him.

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Kevin over the past few years. He’s more than just a colleague, he is a friend, he’s a man of conviction, he’s a man of integrity and I can assure you he’s a man of implacable persistence,” said McGuinty, “That’s a good thing for you.”

Oakville Chamber of Commerce

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce holds several events each month for members and non-members. From the morning breakfasts to the Chamber of Commerce After Hours program, the Chamber helps businesses engage with each other and with the community.