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Contact the Halton District School Board or the school directly for more information.

Larry O'Malley
905-335-3663 x3205
email: omalleyl@hdsb.ca

John Phillips
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Garth Webb Public High School Oakville

Garth Webb is a relatively new high school on West Oak Trails Blvd. in Oakville.
The street address is: 2820 Westoak Trails Blvd. between Bronte Road and Third Line.

Location: West Oak Trails Blvd. between Bronte and Third Line

Garth Webb High School Oakville construction
Garth Webb construction pics from May, 2012

Garth Webb has since over several years of high school education to local students.

Public schools are part of the Halton District School Board and the others are part of Halton Catholic District School Board.
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The school features 3 levels. The main level has a Media Centre/Library, Cafetorium with a stage. A TV studio, music classes, theatre arts and computer engineering will also be located on the ground level. Business and other classrooms are located on the second level. The top level has more classrooms including physics, chemistry and biology with roof level expansion as needed to accommodate future growth.

Grade 9 optional courses include ARTS - AVI 1O1 - Visual Arts, ADA 1O1 – Dramatic Arts, AMU 1O1 – Instrumental Music, AMV 101 – Vocal Music TECHNOLOGICAL STUDIES, TIJ 1O1 - Exploring Technologies BUSINESS STUDIES, BTT 1O1 - Information Technology.

Grade 10 students can select from:

THE ARTS Grade 10, Drama Open ADA2O Grade 10, Music Open AMU2O Grade 10, Visual Arts Open AVI2O

BUSINESS STUDIES Grade 10, Introduction to Business Open BBI2O CANADIAN AND WORLD STUDIES Grade 10, Civics (compulsory) Open CHV2O Grade 10, Food and Nutrition Open HFN2O1

History (1 compulsory) Grade 10, Canadian History Since World War I Academic CHC2D Grade 10, Canadian History Since World War I Applied CHC2P

COMPUTER STUDIES Grade 10, Introduction to Computer Studies Open ICS2O ENGLISH (1 compulsory) Grade 10, English Academic ENG 2D Grade 10, English Applied ENG 2P

FRENCH Grade 10, Core French Academic FSF2D Grade 10, Core French Applied FSF2P

GUIDANCE AND CAREER EDUCATION Grade 10, Career Studies (compulsory) Open GLC 2O

HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Grade 10, Healthy Active Living Education Open PPL 2OF (Female) PPL 2OM (Male)

MATHEMATICS (1 compulsory) Grade 10, Principles of Mathematics Academic MPM2D Grade 10, Foundations of Mathematics, Applied MFM2P

SCIENCE (1 compulsory) Grade 10, Science Academic SNC 2D Grade 10, Science Applied SNC 2P

TECHNOLOGICAL EDUCATION Grade 10, Communications Technology Open TGJ 2O Grade 10, Computer Technology Open TEJ2O Grade 10, Construction Technology Open TCJ2O Grade 10, Hairstyling and Aesthetics Open TXJ2O Grade 10, Technological Design Open TDJ2O Grade 10, Transportation Technology Open TTJ2O